Joy Bauer's healthy dinner recipes – –

Looking to drop 10 pounds by summer? This plan is the perfect guide: It contains delicious meals with the right balance of lean proteins, high-quality carbs and healthy fats to give you fast and effective results. Plus, each tasty option has plenty of nutrient-packed and fiber-filled produce, … [Read more...]

Master the intermittent fasting diets –

18th Apr 17 | Fitness & Wellbeing You too can follow such diets with ease by following some simple advice. Fasting diets have become the new popular way to lose weight these days and there are plenty of options to pick from, from the 5:2 diet, involving two days a week eating between 500-600 … [Read more...]

Five vegetarian recipes to help you celebrate Earth Day, from Chowhound – CBS News

Chowhound’s vegetarian bean chili Via Chowhound Vegetarians and vegans have touted their lifestyles as Earth-friendly for a very long time. Plenty of research supports that a plant-based diet benefits not only a person’s health, but also the environment.  One recent study found that if everyone … [Read more...]

Spring clean your body with this one-day meal plan – Well+Good

1/6 Pack up your hygge-inspired sweaters, because winter is officially over. No matter your current weather sitch, the days are lighter, colorful produce is nigh, and you’re itching to get moving (you’re not the only one who found it impossible to wake up for that 6 a.m. spin class when it was … [Read more...]

Whole30 slow cooker recipes to get you through the month-long diet – Mic

Completing the Whole30 is no easy feat. Removing legumes, grains, dairy, sugars, processed food and more for an entire month sounds daunting, but if you're determined, the diet is doable. Slow cooker recipes make meal planning easier, since they can produce leftovers for days. Sure, Crockpots are … [Read more...]

Stop the diet mentality and succeed with weight loss for good! – La Crosse Tribune

It’s spring (finally!) and a sense of renewal is in the air. The birds are chirping away, the snow is slowly melting and the thought of getting out the spring clothes is rejuvenating. Or is it? This may not be the most exciting time of year, especially if your New Year’s resolution was weight loss … [Read more...]

Vegan diet can be healthy, tasty – Albuquerque Journal

Christian Gooden/TNSMee Goreng gets its kick from sambal oelek, an Indonesian and Malaysian ground chile paste. To tone down the heat, simply use less. Some people become vegetarians because they love animals. Some, as comedian A. Whitney Brown put it, because they hate plants. But vegans are … [Read more...]

Vital Signs: Gluten-free eating leaves many nutritious, tasty foods available – The Daily Progress

Gluten-free eating seems to be the diet of themoment for weight loss. But, for those who live with celiac disease, eating a diet free from the protein gluten is vital for good health and the prevention of certain chronic diseases. It is an autoimmune disease that results in the inability to digest … [Read more...]

'Diet' no more: Americans buying tasty, higher-cal yogurt, says General Mills – The Seattle Times

NEW YORK (AP) — Yogurts that have more fat and taste better are gaining popularity, a trend that General Mills said Tuesday is hurting its U.S. yogurt sales. The company said U.S. yogurt sales were down 20 percent for the quarter, with far steeper declines in Yoplait Light and Yoplait Greek 100 than … [Read more...]

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You probably know all about the health benefits of eating like a Greek islander. Research has proven the Mediterranean diet can do wonders for your heart, brain, mood, and waistline. But maybe you're a little tired of the same-old kebabs and tomato-cucumber-feta salad. Enter Live to Eat: Cooking the … [Read more...]